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I was taken to police station on the 3rd of February 2015, I stay with my friend that sells electronics, he has electronics in my room which he sells (I didn’t know they were stolen goods). A friend of mine who is a laundry man wanted to buy, I gave him the iron which my friend sells for seven hundred naira but I sold it to him for two thousand naira so I can make my own gain and give my friend his money. The laundry man took the iron to his shop, later a civil defense officer came to the laundry shop and saw his iron that has been missing in the shop and accused the laundry man of stealing it. The laundry man brought him to my house (zone 8 lugbe village) and also saw other missing electronics of his in my house and other people that came to the scene saw their missing items and I was arrested. My friend was nowhere to be found and his number was no longer reachable. I was taken to lugbe police station on the 3rd of February 2015, then on the 5th of February I was taken to lugbe division, I was beaten mercilessly and my eyes were swollen. The IPO collected eight thousand nine hundred naira from me and also collected all the stolen electronics and sixty two thousand naira from my house which belongs to my friend.

I was brought to kuje prison on the 10th of February 2015, they refused my father to stand as surety for me because he didn’t meet the requirements, which was a level 12 officer or a land owner with C of O. The matter was adjourned till 31st of March 2015.