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Sometime in September 2014, I was in sledge lounge in kubwa with my friend chikwado, ugaba was there saying that jarule and five five wanted to steal a car. I left them and went to my house. Two days later chikwado’s uncle’s Toyota Camry was missing. Chikwado said I should come and explain to his uncle what I know about his missing car since I was in sledge lounge when some men were discussing about going to steal a car, I told him I know nothing about the stolen car. His uncle said I should forget about the issue so it won’t create enmity between I and chikwado.
Later that month (September) chikwado told me that his uncle said if I can tell him the names of the men that discussed about going to steal a car he would give me twenty thousand naira , I refused and said am not interested in his money, chikwado told his uncle and he said I will be arrested.

In November, I was with my friends at jaji street in kubwa, chikwado’s uncle came and said that I should follow him to sledge lounge. I went there with him, so he said since I don’t want to tell him the men that were discussing about stealing a car and I refused to accept the twenty thousand naira he offered to me rather I told the men to run away (which I didn’t) he will arrest me and give the twenty thousand naira to his friend that works with SARS because he will knows value of the money.

I was arrested by the SARS officer, the officer said I should tell him where five five lives but I said I don’t know his house. The officer gave Chikwado one thousand naira to go to five five girlfriends house and search for him, he went but didn’t see five five. Chikwado then went to five five’s house and found him. He was arrested by the officer. Chikwado’s uncle warned me not to mention chikwado’s name name else I will spend a longer time in detention. I spent a month and a week in SARS and I was greatly tortured. I was taken to command for interview, the head of the interrogation unit in command said that the matter will be investigated and if anyone is innocent he will be released. In SARS I was forced to sign a statement I didn’t write because they couldn’t find the statement I wrote. I was brought to kuje prison on the 19th of December 2014.

I was taken to the magistrate court in wuse zone2 on the 18th of December 2014, after we took our plea of not guilty, I was granted bail by the court but I don’t have a surety, the matter was adjourned till 16th of February 2015.