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I am 25years old from delta state, at about 10pm at airport junction, I saw a girl shouting “thief thief” suddenly she pointed at me and said I stole her purse, I was surprised and said I didn’t steal her purse, some minutes later she saw her purse on the ground and claimed that five thousand four hundred was missing and that I stole the money. I was taken to life camp police station. She came with her mother after I had spent 7 days at the station, I still maintained my innocence and they said they have forgiven me but the IPO refused and said he must take me to court. The complainant didn’t come on the said court day. The IPO took me to court after I had spent 13days at the station to Kado Area court by 2pm, the matter was adjourned till 16th of march 2015. And I was taken to suleja prison on the 10th of February 2015.