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My friend (musa) is dating my younger sister, I built a store which my friend roofed, later I saw musa’s younger brother sweating profusely in my house, I asked him what happened, he said thieves snatched his machine on the way by 7pm at the boundary between his village and my village. I told him that I have warned him not to pass there once its getting dark. Musa’s younger brother asked me what he should do and I advised him to contact vigilantee group. It was musa and his younger brother that were on the bike when they were attacked. I followed musa’s brother to the scene of the incidence, I found musa with blood on his head and the bike wasn’t there. The distance between my house and the scene of the incidence is an hour drive. Musa was admitted in the hospital. After a month when he recovered he said that I am the person he saw at the scene of the incident, when he was discharged he went to the station and reported that I attacked him and stole the machine. I was invited to the station, I was not given audience rather I was beaten mercilessly and my foot is still swollen. I spent 4 days at the station before I was taken to SARS. I spent 10 months in SARS after serious torture I had to accept a crime I didn’t commit because they said if I didn’t accept that I did it, I would be killed (I was been beaten with cutlass) my machine was seized by the police because musa claimed my machine is his. I was taken to court last year (Apo high court 19) I was brought to kuje prison in 2015. I don’t know when the matter was adjourned to.