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This report shows how CURE – Nigeria, working to reform the Nigerian criminal justice and prison system, and increase access to justice for all, have been delivering vital support to inmates who can not afford the services of a lawyer. It highlights how we have increased legal support (Pro Bono) for inmates in Keffi, Enugu and Makurdi prisons respectively.
This year, which started in May, CURE – Nigeria took up 27 cases with in the F.C.T, Enugu, and Benue State, with offences ranging from theft, criminal conspiracy, culpable homicide, kidnapping, armed robbery among others in lower and higher courts. So far we have concluded 5 cases and 19 cases are ongoing.
However, no progress has been made in the following cases in Makurdi, Benue State:
1. C.O.P v Ruth Okoronkwo
2. C.O.P v LubemAnswen
3. C.O.P v MsughTerver
This is as a result of police unending investigations (Holden Charge). CURE – Nigeria has written to the Attorney General, Benue State, the Chief Judge, Benue State and the Commissioner of Police, Benue State Command, urging them to look into the matter and take appropriate steps and measures to achieve quick dispensation of justice and help reduce prison congestion in the State.
Overall, a total number of 142 cases have been handled. We withdrew from 44 cases, while 17 cases are ongoing. 80 cases have been concluded, out of which 65 cases have been discharged, 6 cases discharged and acquitted and 10 cases ended in conviction. A grand total of 209 people have been released.
CURE-Nigeria is working with attorneys in Delta and Edo State to expand our legal aid to these states.