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Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE-Nigeria) a leading organisation on justice reforms and prisoner rehabilitation in Nigeria, organised a 150 man peaceful walk for Criminal Justice/Prison Reforms and Human Rights. The walk began at the Unity Fountain to the National Human Rights Commission where we will delivered a letter to the Executive Secretary and proceeded to the Federal Ministry of Justice to meet with the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice.
CURE-Nigeria firmly believes that:
– A justice system that is overly punitive and fails to rehabilitate doesn’t make us SAFER!
– Prison congestion poses serious constraints to effective prison administration/management and poses security, health and social threats to society
– Alternatives to incarceration are the way forward!
– The best way to fight crime is to prevent crime by addressing the root causes of crime such as poverty, etc.

Hence, we presented the following point agenda to the Federal Government for reforms in the criminal justice and prison systems in Nigeria.

1. Stop sending lunatics to prisons
2. Stop sending children to adult prisons
3. Remove children from adult prisons now!
4. Stop building prisons, build schools, hospitals, and roads
5. Abolish the death penalty now!
6. Say No to arbitrary arrest and detention
7. Say No to prolong pre-trial detention
8. Protect prisoners’ rights and dignity
9. Say No to torture. Torture is a crime
10. “Prison congestion is a national scandal and embarrassment”
– President Mohammadu Buhari – So take Action!
11. “Our prisons turn human beings into animals”
– V.P Osibanjo – So take Action!
12. Make states pay for upkeep of some inmates
13. Use alternatives to incarceration for non violent offenders, especially pregnant women and nursing mothers
14. Stop sending pregnant women to prisons
15. Stop sending nursing mothers to prisons
16. Reform the borstal institutions now!
17. Stop trying children in adult courts
18. Build family courts for children
19. Improve working conditions for wardens
20. Pay prison officials well
21. #450 is too little to feed an inmate
22. Fight corruption in the prison system
23. Ask police to declare the number of detainees in their detention
24. Ask military to declare the number of detainees in their detention
25. Ask NDLEA to declare the number of detainees in their detention.

CURE-Nigeria hopes that these agenda will be incorporated into the criminal justice/prison reforms efforts going forward.DSC_0065DSC_0011DSC_0002DSC_0009DSC_0039DSC_0047DSC_0022DSC_0093DSC_0074DSC_0126