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13th December, 2018, CURE-Nigeria in partnership with the National Human Rights Commission, Nasarawa and Source of Hope Foundation organized a Summit on Criminal Justice Reforms & Human Rights in Nasarawa State, with the theme: The Role of Human Rights and The Rule of Law in the Administration of Criminal Justice System Reforms and prison De-congestion in Nasarawa State. This was held at the Conference hall of the Ministry for Local Government and Chieftancy Affairs, Lafia, Nasarawa State, and present at the summit were – the Coordinator NHRC, Nasarawa –Nor. Chia Shaku, Nasarawa State Chief Judge -Hon. Justice Suleiman Umaru Dikko, Controller of Prisons –Patrick C. Dalyop, Speaker, Nasarawa State House of Assembly –Alhaji Balarabe Abdullahi Ibrahim, Commissioner of Police –Yahaya Bello, Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice –Dr. Abdulkarim A. Kana, State Coordinator, Legal Aid Council –Hambal A. Mohammed Zubair, NBA Chairman, Nasarawa State Chapter –S.K. Sheltu, NDLEA Commandant Nasarawa State –Samaila Ethan, CSO’s, Media e.t.c.

at the end of the Summit, a Communique was adopted by all participants…


Participants at the summit on Criminal justice and human rights, with the theme: The Role of Human Rights and the Rule of Law in the Administration of Criminal Justice System and Prison Decongestion in Nasarawa State held on December, 13, 2018 declared:

 WHEREAS there are inadequate court in Nasarawa State and the number of awaiting trial inmates are on the increase;

WHEREAS there is lack of manpower and poor funding of the Legal Aid Council to provide legal services for indigent detainees;

WHEREAS there is lack of professionals such as medical doctors and psychiatrics to meet the needs of sick and mentally-ill inmates in prisons in Nasarawa State;

WHEREAS child exploitation, family separation, increase in domestic violence, illiteracy and in adequate family court remain some of the challenges facing the  implementation of the Child Right Law in Nasarawa State;

WHEREAS culture, religion, stigma, and increased interference of traditional rulers, remains a challenge in reporting rape and other forms of abuses of the girl child to the appropriate authorities in accordance with the law;

WHEREAS implementation of existing laws remain a challenge


That we affirm that the prisons in Nasarawa State require urgent decongestion and recommend that there should be interventions from the Government, Judiciary, Police and other Stakeholders to achieve this.

That we recommend that there is proper investigation by police before and after arrest, and that the Legal System in Nasarawa State strongly encouragecompliance with the Child Right Law in all matters affecting children inNasarawa State;

That the NPS should recruit and post professionals such as medical doctors and psychiatrics to Nasarawa State.

We further recommend that:

  1. Nasarawa State should invest more in welfare and social programs, education, job creation, infrastructure and poverty alleviation programs to reduce the rate of crime in the State.
  2. The State should pass into law the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015 and should implement Alternative Dispute Resolution, mediation, restorative justice and other traditional methods of solving disputes to reduce dependence on the formal justice system,
  3. More awareness and sensitization is needed on the Child Right Law, the Anti-Torture Act, as well as on the services of the Legal Aid Council in the State
  4. More funding of the Legal Aid Council is required
  5. Juvenile homes should be established to prevent the detention of juveniles in adult prisons, while efforts should be made to divert juveniles in conflict with the law away from the formal justice system
  6. More judges should be appointment and more courts should be established
  7. All concerted efforts should be made to reduce the increasing rates of divorce and family separation, as these impacts negatively on children and expose them to abuse

Finally, we recommend that all cases of child abuse must be reported to the appropriate authorities and handled in accordance with the extant laws. Interference by family, traditional or religious institutions must not be allowed.

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