Torture in Nigeria

Fight Against Torture in Nigeria Legal FrameworkNigeria has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in 1993, the Convention against Torture (CAT) in 2001 and the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OPCAT) in 2009. However, it is yet to recognize the competence of the Committee against Torture to receive communications …

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Legal Aid for Detainees

SUMMARY Most of the victims of prolonged pre-trial detention in Nigeria do not have legal representation because they cannot afford a lawyer and as such have no access to justice. Hence, they languish in prisons for years, some for alleged offenses they neither committed nor knew anything about, and many for offenses they would have …

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Incarceration of Children as a Matter of Last Resort

The United Nations (UN Beijing Rules) on the Administration of juvenile justice, Rule 26 and its corresponding sections especially 26.2 states that “Juveniles in institutions shall receive care, protection and all necessary assistance – social, educational, vocational, psychological, medical and physical that they may require because of their age, sex, and personality and in the …

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Books Behind Bars

Donation of Books In addition to supporting education in prisons, CURE-Nigeria also donated Textbooks to the Benue State University  Makurdi, the National Library Headquarters Abuja, and Tsambe Community Secondary School Adeyongo and Tsedzughul Memorial Secondary Tsambe in Benue State. See the link to the letter of acknowledgment from the university librarian: BENSU Appreciates Donation of Books …

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ICT Centre in Kaduna

Although we can all agree that incarceration is sometimes necessary for public safety in our work to protect the American people, we must recognize that incarceration alone does not provide the entire solution. Simply building more prisons and jails will not solve all of our problems. Any effective and economically sustainable public safety strategy must …

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