Although we can all agree that incarceration is sometimes necessary for public safety in our work to protect the American people, we

Donation of Books In addition to supporting education in prisons, CURE-Nigeria also donated Textbooks to the Benue State University  Makurdi, the National

The United Nations (UN Beijing Rules) on the Administration of juvenile justice, Rule 26 and its corresponding sections especially 26.2 states that

SUMMARY Most of the victims of prolonged pre-trial detention in Nigeria do not have legal representation because they cannot afford a lawyer

Rule 22 of the Bangkok Rules affirms that “ punishment by close confinement or disciplinary segregation shall not be applied to pregnant

Fight Against Torture in Nigeria Legal FrameworkNigeria has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in 1993, the Convention

Donation of Books to Public Schools in Karshi Abuja As part of our contribution to education for all, CURE-Nigeria had on the

Summit on Justice Reforms and Human Rights in Kano State, organised  by CURE-Nigeria in collaboration with the NHRC North-West Zonal Office and

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