God bless CURE. The library materials donated to Gboko prison by CURE, helped much. First in the history of Gboko prison 13 inmates sat for SSCE and passed with good grades.CURE is really working in line with their set goals. Bravo to CURE

by Terver Gai (Gboko, Benue State)


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“What an excellent round table! Well planned; very interesting. I gained a lot and I am sure other of my colleagues enjoyed it too. It will certainly have a positive impact on the performance of the judiciary and criminal justice” Rahmatu A. Gulma, FCT High Court, Abuja. Participant at our training for judges, magistrates, prosecutors and police on alternatives to incarceration in the North-Central Geo-political Zone in 2011.

Rahmatu A. Gulma -

“I found the training very useful. The judiciary needs more of these kinds of trainings. Thank CURE and the Federal Ministry of Justice for organizing this training” A.A. Adesanya, High Court, Lagos. A participant at our training for magistrates, judges, prosecutors and police on alternatives to incarceration in the South-West Geo-political Zone in 2012

A.A. Adesanya -

“I am directed to acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated 19th January, 2015 on the above subject matter and to express the Honourable Minister’s gratitude for your kind gesture in donating the items to the Institute. Please accept the warmest regards of the Hounourable Minister.”
Innocent K. Ogbonanya, Director (HRM) Federal Ministry of Interior, responding to the donation of books to the Juvenile Borstal Institution, Kaduna

Innocent K. Ogbonanya -

I will never forget what this organization have done for me. I am now free. Prison is not a place to be. There is too much suffering there. God bless all of you.

Segun Elibiyo -

“Injustice in this country is too much, and na poor people that suffer. I did not commit any crime, but the police arrested me, tortured me and lock me up for two years now. You are my savior. God bless you. I am now a free man.

Ifeanyi -

Thank you, thank you, sir. May God bless your organization for helping us. We think we go remain for prison because we no get anybody to help us. We no commit any crime. But they lock us for prison. But we are now free.
Gazali Murtala, Kabiru E. & Musa Ibrahim

Gazali Murtala, Kabiru E. & Musa Ibrahim -

“Sir, thank you & CURE-Nigeria for helping me. Without your help, I would have remained here there (Kuje prison) forever”.
Mauchukwu Ifeanyi, who now lives in Lagos. CURE secured his release from prison last year through legal aid.

Mauchukwu Ifeanyi -

“Sir, I really appreciate your assistance towards me when I was nobody and also facing tribulations. But I thank God for my life now. At least Iam managing myself with estate agent and commission of which I am ok by it. I just bought a car this year”.

Owapetu Ojo, a beneficiary of prisoner rehabilitation, reintegration and family tracing in Edo state in 2008.

Owapetu Ojo -